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About the Enviro Acoustics group

Enviro Acoustics Pty Ltd are specialist installers of acoustic and thermal insulation products with a national presence. Headed by Mr Yanick Pierce in the Sydney Head Office, the Enviro Acoustics Group has for over 25 years, served mostly Tier 1 builders such as Lend Lease, Brookfield Multiplex and John Holland Group to resolve acoustical and thermal issues linked to compliance with Standard & Construction Codes.

High profile projects that have received the Envirospray 300 insulation treatment include Perth Arena, Lucas Heights Nuclear Plant, FOX Studios, Westfield Shopping Centres and the World Heritage Listed - Sydney Opera House.

Enviro Acoustics Pty Ltd also carry exclusive Australia / NZ agencies for:

  • THERMACOUSTIC TC 417 – Spray Applied Glasswool (USA / Canada)
  • WOODTEX - All Weather Timber Absorber Panels (NZ)

Enviro Acoustics have sister Companies in Dubai (UAE) & Mumbai (India).

Please CONTACT US for any further information.

school and colleges

Locations: Basketball Courts, School Assembly Halls, Kindergarten and Play Zones, Libraries


Locations: Lounge Bars, Gaming Areas, Smoking Areas, Multi-Level Car Parks, Entry Foyers

commercial buildings

Locations: Car Park Soffits, Open Plan Offices, Reception Areas, Plantrooms

shopping center

Locations: Multi-Level Car Parks adjacent to residential homes, Loading Zones, Common Areas


Locations: Lounge Bars, Dining Areas, Food Handling Areas, Lobbies, Loading Docks

sport facilities

Locations: Main Arena / Stadium Roof, Public Areas, Car Parks, Ticketing Rooms Swimming Pools

Highlighted Services & Products

  • Enviro-Acoustics project
  • Enviro-Acoustics project
  • Enviro-Acoustics project
  • Enviro-Acoustics project
  • Enviro-Acoustics project
  • Enviro-Acoustics project

Chilled Beams in Adelaide

When the new 26 level City Central Tower 1 in Adelaide CBD becomes operational in late 2006, it will boast chilled beam technology that allow it to capture a 5 Green Star Rating – The highest environmental rating accolade possible.

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